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Welcome to CR School

Come what may, the education of young minds must not be hindered. That being the case, CR School, an online learning portal for classes KG- X, is a Novel initiative by Christopher Rani, CEO, CR Projects, to ensure that students can comfortably continue with their studies from the safety of their homes, especially in the present time, when we are faced with the COVID-19 pandemic.

CR School welcomes the participation of schools from all over Meghalaya so that students can access and reach out to their respective education hubs and receive the necessary study materials and guidance as per requirement. Registration with CR School is absolutely free for everyone.

How does it work?

To ensure feasibility and ease of use of CR School for teachers, students, and parents, the platform is designed to host video tutorials, which will provide step-by-step and detailed instructions about the system's functionality. All that users have to do is register and they are good to go. CR School can be easily accessed on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and even your smartphone. The main idea behind the creation of this platform is to ensure that the productivity of students is not hampered due to any unforeseen circumstances or situations.

What does CR School offer students?

A first of its kind in Meghalaya, CR School offers students free access to all school lessons via online notes, assignments and video tutorials. Lessons will be uploaded by the teachers for which assignments will be allocated to students, based on which their learning levels will be evaluated. Students can interact with their teachers to clear any doubts they might have about the syllabus and enhance their stay at home study experience by the day. All that students require is a working internet connection.

In case parents or students face any technical difficulty during registration or while using the app they can always Whatsapp on +1-315-3258070 or log on to